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Founded in 2013, She Can Win is a movement that supports, educates, invests in, and empowers Black & Brown women who have a passion for civic leadership. We are a nonpartisan program with a mission to promote women in government and civic leadership. We equip Black and brown women with the tools to advocate for issues that are important to them. The program offers training classes for Black & Brown women who aspire to run for public office. Our goal is to increase the presence and influence of women in the political arena. Ran through the nationally recognized 501(c)3 NSA Education Network, She Can Win has been recognized as a program of choice by Women’s Way, and the Women’s Social Innovation Fund.


It is a fact, Black women are grossly underrepresented in most industries. The intersection of racism and sexism is a concern that women of color face on a daily basis. The goal of She Can Win is to increase the presence of women in leadership, and cultivate the next generation of leaders. She Can Win is committed to advocating for more equitable leadership. We look to address statistics by mobilizing women and providing training, education, and mentorship. We build a network where women become resources to support one another. She Can Win places an emphasis on empowerment. The program will engage women in meeting and making connections with other women, who have held office, are currently in office, and those that have led campaigns. We have also become a data hub with our State of Black Women in the Commonwealth white paper. 

She Can Win focuses on the tri-state area where the representation of Black & Brown women is underrepresented.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of She Can Win is to be a program that empowers and emboldens Black & brown women to lead in their community, workspace, home, and personal life.

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Our Vision

The vision of She Can Win is to be a wholistic program that caters to elevating the health, well-being, and prosperity of Black and brown
women in all areas of their lives. We do this by mobilizing women and giving them the tools they need to be their own advocates. 

Our Founder

Jasmine Sessoms is a civic, philanthropic and political leader in the City of Philadelphia. She is a lifelong Philadelphian with a true passion for The City. Jasmine currently serves as Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Hilco Redevelopment Partners

Jasmine Sessoms

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