About Us

What is She Can Win?

It started out of curiosity. Jasmine was working on a election campaign and thought to herself, why aren’t there any women running? This question continued to linger in her mind, as she realized through her career she’d never really worked on a woman’s campaign. Puzzled by the matter, she began conducting research and realized that only two women in Philadelphia had been elected at the time. That ignited a flame within Jasmine, she began to think, what if I could start a training program to teach women how to run for office? In conducting research and reviewing number statistics, she came up with She Can Win, which emerged in 2013; it is a nonpartisan training program that provides support, mentorship, and education to women with a passion for civic leadership. Whether you are interested in running for public office, creating campaigns or becoming an advocate She Can Win assists women in those endeavors and helps to bring those goals into fruition. We are breaking this continuous cycle of barriers and getting more women involved, more importantly, more women elected.

Meet the Founder

Jasmine E. Sessoms is the epitome of a girl who has won. She is a mother, a wife, and Founder/CEO of She Can Win, a movement that is dedicated to providing training and resources for women who are interested in running for political office. Since its inception, the organization has managed to get 4 women elected to the Pennsylvania State House, 2 City Council Women, and 1 Congresswoman. Today, the She Can Win brand is expanding, providing a platform for women who are interested in both Public Affairs and Government Relations.

An advocate for civic leadership, Jasmine has made it her mission to empower women. This includes taking the “Everyday woman” and strategizing ways to attain equal representation in-office. Not to mention, she has created a platform that fosters a sisterhood for women who want to see change in the political arena.

Over the past 11 years, Jasmine has raised over $5.2 million dollars for numerous candidates, charities, and causes. A passion for writing, ability to think outside the box, topped with a love for philanthropy are ingredients that have ultimately propelled her into success.

In addition to juggling the role as CEO of She Can Win, Jasmine in 2015, was appointed Deputy Director of the Mayors Fund for the City of Philadelphia. In this capacity, she oversees a budget of $15 Million of the City’s Charitable Giving Budget Line. Her main responsibilities include raising money for the major events and managing the Mayor of Philadelphia’s charitable interests.

Still, Jasmine’s list of accomplishments doesn’t end there, as she has served as the Employee Programs and Campaign manager for the ACE Group. Raised $795,000 for the United Way, $425,000 for Hurricane Sandy Disaster relief efforts, and is a major contributor to the Education Improvement Tax Credit program.

Jasmine holds a B.A. from Morgan State University in Hospitality Management, as well as, a M.S. in Organizational Development and Leadership from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband, Jammar and their two beautiful daughters Jae Harper and Jace Harley.


In the News

NBC 10 Philadelphia
Jasmine was recently featured on a NBC 10 Philadelphia segment about Oprah Winfrey’s inspiring speech at the 2018 Golden Globes. Jasmine talked about Oprah’s likelihood to run for president, women in politics, and the goals and achievements of She Can Win. Watch the full video below!

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